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I realize most of the BB watchers are all busy taking care of the little ones these days, but I wanted to discuss in case anybody is still watching.That being said, I don't know why I continue to watch.  It seems that the one person I hate on day one is the dumbass who wins it all.Kevin is a sissy for not going against Natalie.  His only chance was to take Michelle to final two.  He just handed over the money to Natalie last night.Natalie's meeting with her boyfriend was the most awkward thing I have seen in a long while.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why the house hated Michelle so much, but they all love Natalie.

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  • OMG, Natalie and her bf was awful.  She's an idiot. I don't know why we're still watching either, since Jeff is gone I've got no one to root for.
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  • I hate Natalie so much.  Her whole lie about the Pandora's box proved how dumb she is. 
  • I am glad I am not watching now with this update. I haven't seen an episode since last Tuesday.
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  • I really wanted Jeff, Russell, and Kevin as final three.  Up until last night, I was still rooting for Kevin.  Jordan is such a sweet little pumpkin, but really, the girl cannot play the game to save her life.  Neither one of them is winning over Natalie.  Eff.
  • I dunno, did you see how the jury house reacted when Jesse told them she lied about her age? That might turn them against her.
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  • I cannot stand Natalie and Kevin is starting to get on my nerves. The only way that Jordan or Kevin have a chance in winning is if they take each other. Michelle was the last one there that I felt deserved to win. And the final 2 reversal... seriously? I feel sorry for her boyfriend- he proposed and she still only thought about the game. Take 15 minutes and enjoy the engagement. Damn. Maybe he only proposed incase she won the $500k and if she looses hopefully he will dump her!
  • And why does it seem like Natalie is yelling when she is in the diary room.
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