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I wish my cat did this.

Of course, then I would never leave the house and I would single-handedly drain the Mt. Tabor reservoir, but whatevs.. [url][/url] .
The hair grows in thick where the horn used to be.

Re: I wish my cat did this.

  • First words from Bug, "I wish Sox did that!" The Mt Tabor reservoir would be worth it.

    "The meek shall inherit the earth" isn't about children. It's about deer. We're all going to get messed the fuckup by a bunch of cloned super-deer.- samfish2bcrab

    Sometimes I wonder if scientists have never seen a sci-fi movie before. "Oh yes, let's create a super species of deer. NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG." I wonder if State Farm offers a Zombie Deer Attack policy. -CaliopeSpidrman
  • I love that cat!My cat doesn't do that, but he does this:[img][/img]He loves cardboard boxes more than any creature I've ever known. And he will cram himself into them no matter how tiny they are
  • Your cat looks like he needs to lay of the nip.  He looks a little cracked out.
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