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Foffing mother foffers

I'm on hold right now with my insurance company to deal with a claim that Quest Diagnostics has screwed up (they say I owe them $1,400, but really, they just submitted the claim wrong to my insurance company and I should owe $90).  The claim is from JUNE.  MFing JUNE.  This is my fourth time calling them to get it resolved - they keep telling me it's being resolved, and then I get notices that it's going to a collections department. The last Quest person told me to just pay the bill and they'll return the money once it is resolved.  Yeah, like that's gonna happen.  I would be waiting until my unborn child is 18 to get the lousy $1400 back.  I told them they are going to give me pre-e and then I'll be suing not only Quest but also the billing dept representatives (whose names I have) personally.  I'm seriously about to lose my shiit.
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Re: Foffing mother foffers

  • OOOh, now I'm pissed.  While I was talking, the Quest woman interrupted to tell me, "Maam, just so you know, 'Respect' is the word of the day".   FOFFING FOFFERS!!!!!!!
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  • Pre-eclampsia.
  • You should counter that incompetence is apparently the word of the year for them
  • Oh, I already advised Aetna (while on the phone with Quest) that they should probably find another company to do their bloodwork for them because Quest is obviously incompetent.
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  • The word of the day is "Manager".  Please put him or her on the phone immediately, you obnoxious twatt.
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  • Quest is horrible.  They constantly submit claims wrong, and then they are always about to be sent to colloections, and then poof it is resolved when you complain, but it is the devil to deal with them.I am sorry november.
  • I had a similar issue with my insurance (someone, either the hospital or the insurance company, lost the referral for a procedure I had, so they decided it was outpatient and elective when it really, really wasn't). I had people at the insurance company telling me things were all getting worked out and then not doing anything, and I started getting notices from a collections agency. I didn't get it resolved until I went to the woman here that handles all our insurance stuff and told her what was happening. I guess she called and raised hell and it got all taken care of; we're a huge account and they didn't want to piss her off and potentially lose our business. So maybe there's someone at work that can throw their weight around?


  • Well, after an hour and a half on the phone, it looks like it may be resolved within the next two weeks.  As I suspected, Quest employees a bunch of chimpanzees (and not the smart NASA ones) to do their work.  Chimps are not very good at paperwork, as it turns out.  They sent an adjusted bill to the insurer without labeling it "adjusted bill" and then said that the insurance co only paid the second of the two bills (not realizing it was the same bill).  The insurance lady was actually pretty nice and told me that she'll call me next week to let me know how this is being resolved.   Ordinarily I find the insurers to be incompetent.  In this instance, they were actually the sane ones...go figure.Thanks for listening to me rant.  I'm feeling better now.
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  • Poor Tony has to go to Quest every month for blood work. Everytime he comes back with a story of how they lost is standing orders and how rude they were to him.  Every foffing month.
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  • November I've had a similar experience with Quest.  I had bloodwork done for a physical, paid my copay and went on my merry way.  Then I get a "collection notice" for $12.  I called and raised hell and was able to pay over the phone.  Apparently my doctor's office outsources their lab tests to these idiots and this happens all the time.  Good luck getting it resolved.
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