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It's Saturday

It's 7 am.  I've been awake for an hour.

Re: It's Saturday

  • Well it looks like you've gone back to bed now anyhow. Connor is up and dancing to some show with big stuffed dogs that are in a band.
  • I'm always up at 7 on Saturdays.  I'll have to get started cleaning in the next 30 min or go to the gym or something.You know what sucks?  Having a conscience in sex dreams.  It's a dream!  Do not tell the hot man no because you are married!
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  • Man that dream conscience is going to suck when you're pregnant.
  • Nope, still awake.  Yeah, sex dreams should be guilt free.
  • I am always awake. I hate guilt in sex dreams, it's just not right.
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  • Seriously Wendy.  Pregnancy sex dreams are awesome.  I've never had such intense, adventurous sex dreams.
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  • My dream that I was falling off the bed really slowly pales in comparison to sex dreams, guilt or no guilt.
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  • Seriously Wendy. Pregnancy sex dreams are awesome. I've never had such intense, adventurous sex dreams.I didn't realize this happened to other people too.  It's awesome, especially since I don't get any anymore.
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  • I think it's natures consolation prize November. If they could bottle that stuff ...
  • The Raggs Band?
  • Somethng like that bloomers. They sing "do you wanna wag a wiggle all the day" and Connor goes nuts.
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