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Too... much... rage... gahhh


At first I was confused. Why did Red (does she work in daycare?) take shoes off a toddler to photograph them and what's so wrong about the shoes anyway? Yeah, they're white shoes for a toddler and the comment says they live in the Pacific NW where it rains all the time so they'd get muddy, but you can always clean them ... then I was enraged at Red's "When your kids are in daycare for 50 hours a week it's IMPOSSIBLE to know who they are" and "There is almost ALWAYS a choice to stay home and raise your own children." WTF? What about single parents or people who live in very high COL areas and can't get by on one income or women who just love their careers and want to go back to work? And why is it always the working moms who get trashed on, and never working dads?

I dunno, I feel like this is really gross. I wonder if a lot people think like these women do, because that's really sad if so. At my old job and at my job now, there were lots of working moms and lots of pregnant women who came back to work after their 8 weeks of maternity leave. It wasn't a big deal at all. And I was in day care until my mom suffered some injuries as a partial result of giving birth to my sister and it didn't mess me up.

Re: Too... much... rage... gahhh

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    My brother and I were so-called latchkey kids - both parents worked until the ugly and bitter divorce, when my mother did the single-mom thing for awhile... which meant my brother and I were always the last kids to be picked up from daycare (that is, until school started up again - then we'd just go home by ourselves and stay there until mom came home around 7pm).

    From my very personal experience with it, I do think mothers should try to stay home and raise their kids *if they can*. My mother couldn't, because if she didn't work then she couldn't afford the house which my father was trying to force her to sell. She did what she had to do. Of course, for my brother and I there were lifelong affects from this type of childhood.

    So yeah, I plan on staying home to raise my kids if/when the Mister and I decide to have them. My mother to this day apologizes for basically neglecting us, and she says her one regret is not being there for us to watch us grow up.

    Sorry if this got too personal for anyone here, just my views on the matter.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Too... much... rage... gahhh : That is what I was getting at.  When my sister was looking into daycare for her first, the prices she was being quoted were through the roof.  And if ine parent is working full time and can get benefits, then why not have the other stay home? Maybe the cost of day care varies across the country, but around here it is very expensive.
    Posted by Blueyed228[/QUOTE]

    It definitely varies.  I worked in a daycare in a larger city in Indiana, and when I started, we charged $100/week.  As we added younger age groups, the price ended up going up to $120/week for 3+, and up to $150 for infants.  We were on the lower end of the scale, as far as licensed child care centers went, but the most I'd heard a competitor charge was $250/week.  Our center also excepted vouchers, and a lot of our families were families that received assistance.
    And it sounds sad, but we did have kids who were there over 50 hours a week.  We would have kids who were there from the time we opened at 6:30am until we closed at 5:30pm.  For some parents, unfortunately, they did have a choice in the matter and just didn't want the kids around, but for most of our parents who had their kids in for extended periods, they really didn't have a whole lot of a choice.  Some of them worked in Indy (or farther), so they had to drop the kids off early so they could make it to work on time.
    We also had some kids whose mothers were SAHMs, but wanted their kids to be better socialized, so those kids would only come a few days a week or for half days.
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