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wedding planner... worth it??

Okay, so I live in VA and am planning a wedding 6+ hours away in OH.  We were considering hiring a wedding planner in OH to help us coordinate everything.  She would help us accomplish our vision, with vendors, with discounts and with all the day of issues.  I have heard that hiring a wedding planner basically pays for itself when you consider all of the discounts you are getting.  Any thoughts... suggestions?

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Re: wedding planner... worth it??

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    We planned our wedding from afar and used a planner.  There is no way I could have pulled it off without her.  Plus, having someone there of the day of to "direct traffic" and handle all of the details meant we got to be guests at our wedding, and not worker bees ;)

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    I planned my wedding from about 4 hours away and it was not a big deal. That is the kind of person I am though. I am organized, anal, know what I want and not afraid to tell vendors what I want. I would make sure you have a very reliable contact at your venue though. Most decent venues should give you a DOC type person so you might not even have to hire that.
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    We hired on a day of coordinator, and she was well worth it - all of the glassware associated with our centerpieces (3 tiered cylinders and low glass bowls), and helped direct traffic and vendors during the day of... and she picked up all of our catering orders for the reception..  She also provided contacts for servers and bartenders...

    As for a wedding planner, I was it... (maybe too organized down to excel spreadsheets, and scheduling :) )

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    i live in ohio and am getting married in wisconsin - we found a day of coordinator to deal with everything that day...

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    I had one 100% worth it.
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    We had a DOC who was fantastic because she was there to organize everything on the day of and was in constant contact with our vendors on the week of the wedding to make sure everything ran smoothly.

    We didn't have a full on wedding planner but that's because  I didn't want to spend the money on one and I'm way too hands-on and picky, I felt like I'd be relinquishing some control.
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    Consider your venue too... I am an Ohio wedding while living in Florida and have been doing just fine! But our wedding is at a hotel and they take care of a lot of the details. I
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    Before we got engaged I was offered a job in texas (we live in PA).  When I talked about taking it, FI asked what would happen when we wanted to plan a wedding back in PA.  I knew for a fact that I would have wanted a planner, and I am the anal, controling, dliligent, and organized person.  I just knew that I needed someone back in PA that was routing for me and goign through with my whole vision and that could answer all the small little questions I knew I was going to get.  Turns out we didn't end up moving to TX but I still hold true to my opinion.  I'd rather pay extra for peace of mind.
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