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OMG, I am so very very dumb...

Making soup for soup club at work...

Recipe called for curry powder.

Would have been awesome if I had read it as TEASPOONS as opposed to TABLESPOONS.  Pretty sure that my soup is now EFFED.

Anyone else done anything dumb recently.

Re: OMG, I am so very very dumb...

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    Maybe you can just make 3 times as much soup by upping the other ingredients to fix the ratios.

    I use to do the sugar/salt mix up thing all.the.time.  It went past embarassing and got funny then it moved to just sad. 
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    If it makes you feel better H burned the chili tonight and had to remake it. He's only been making this chili for...oh...27 years.

    Oh, and I forgot how to get to my doctor's office the other day. It's 8 miles from my house and the drive involves 2 turns. I've been going to that building (also houses my dentist) for over 8 years. For some reason I forgot one of the turns completely and got really confused.
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    I already double the recipe, so I would have to make 4 more recipes worth and somehow add it into this set...I am wondering if cream cheese might is a creamy roasted (curried) cauliflower soup...
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    reilsreils member
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    That sucks. I do that sometimes too, oops. 

    I think I'd try the potato and the cream cheese. 
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    It actually tastes okay, but not great.. DH went to the store for cream cheese for me...

    Best part is, when I was doubling the curry powder in my head I stopped and said to myself "Man, that is a lot of curry powder"...but that never transferred into "Hmm...I wonder if I read the recipe correctly"...
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    I made guacamole recently and instead of cayenne pepper I put in cinnamon by mistake. It was un-ediable. I have only made it a million times!
    The curry might not be so bad if its generic curry powder as opposed to super hot indian curry powder?
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    Ok here's a dumb one for you. We're watching the draft and for some reason I assumed that the draftees/audience were in the same room as the people making decisions. I just asked H why they were talking over the phone when the guys could just walk over and talk to the players. I'm a smart one.
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    number that sucks!
    But perhaps the spicy will be good to cure the spring colds/congestion?
    Katie, you can blame pregnancy brain on these things, one of the teachers I work with is blaming all her "whoops" on it.
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    Honey or sugar usually helps cut out the spice too. Helps when my Thai food is too spicy
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: OMG, I am so very very dumb...</a>:
    [QUOTE]You could throw a potato in it, and see if it will soak up any of the "heat"? Or make a giant VAT of curry soup, now tripling all the other ingredients? Bummer. Big time. About a month ago, <strong>I tried to make guacamole, and didn't realize until I had everything else chopped up that my avocadoes were still rock hard. Awesomeness.</strong>..
    Posted by mrs.jesse[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>hahaahahahhahahhahahahah this makes me laugh because a few months ago FI did the same thing... except he forgot to buy the avocadoes</div>
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    I was making mac n' cheese last week and was rushing because Will was really hungry (he gets like a child when he's starving). So, in my rush, I read "1/2 cup of 2% milk" as "1 1/2 cups of milk". So, I had to spend the next 20ish minutes trying to cook down the extra cup of milk that was in my soupy mac n' cheese while trying not to bite Will's head off for getting so upset over macaroni and cheese out of a box.
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    I made a cake to bring to Easter dinner and normally I'd make one from scratch, but I was hungover and pressed for time so I picked up a box mix.  I decided to use milk instead of water to give it a lil' somethin' somethin' and proceed to add the curddled milk that I hadn't poured down the drain yet instead of the new milk I'd just purchased.

    Back to the store I went for yet another crappy box mix.  Blargh.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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