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Who knows their boots?

Hey ladies,
I'm usually pretty timid about making any changes to my wardrobe.  I like classic styles that I can keep coming back to over and over again.  However, I just got a bonus and want to splurge on a nice pair of tall black leather boots. 

Here's the question:  high heeled or not?  I'll be wearing them to work, with wool skirts and for casual, with jeans or sweater dresses.  So I want them to be versatile.  Any advice? 

Also, because I'm afraid I'll spend $200 on boots and never wear them, is this justifiable?  Is this pretty classic or is it something I won't want to wear in a couple of months? 


Re: Who knows their boots?

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    I looooove boots.  I have both tall black heeled boots and flat boots and wear them for different outfits.  To me, heeled boots are more versatile because you can dress them up or down, whereas flat=casual to me.  BUT, I wear heels every day, so take that with a grain of salt.
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    I say get them, I wouldn't go for something super trendy if you are looking to get a lot of use out of them.  Also, go for the heel, but I love heels.  I bought a pair about 3 years ago and I'm wearing them today.  I love boots, maybe I need to go shopping too :)
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    I'd go with a small heel.  Good for jeans or skirts.  I wore mine completely out in 3 years and I'll be shopping for some new ones soon - yeah!
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    Okay... I think I'm going with the heels.  I wear heels everyday so I'm used to them but wasn't sure if I would get as much casual wear out of them.

    I feel justified now.  Thanks girls.
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    Nah, heels can be casual.  I think you're making a good choice!  And DM had a good suggestion about finding a pair of classic boots, rather than something trendy, but if you're looking at more expensive styles, I think you'll be safe.
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    I love black boots.  They can be dressy or casual and if you can spend the $200 on them, I would.  A great pair will last you a few years.

    I agree, go with the heel.  The only flat boots I own are my Uggs.

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    I'm not a fan of heeled tall boots.  Especially black ones.  I think its too easy for them to venture over into Pretty Woman hooker territory.   I thinking flat or wedge riding boots will look far more classic and timeless. 


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    Anyone know of boots for small calves? I would love a nice pair of black boots but every pair I try on is too wide for my calves.
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    If you are getting tall boots, get flats.
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    Heels, for sure.  I agree with NatesGirl - very versatile.
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    Well, I went with heeled... but they have a small heel, only 2 1/4" so I think I might be safe from the hooker territory.

    I'm excited.  I got free overnight shipping- whoot whoot!

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    I'd prefer heeled boots myself (with a big chunky 3" heel).  I used to wear heeled boots every day for years (although they were mid-shin, not knee high).

    I personally wouldn't buy flat boots if they were knee high, since they'd look a lot like the boots I actually wore to ride horses.  I mean, those boots look great with skintight breeches, but a bit weird with jeans IMO.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:1f9544a9-5e29-45c0-8a93-4d3438884c2dPost:954a5b59-5570-4490-bce7-d532bd148a9d">Re: Who knows their boots?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Anyone know of boots for small calves? I would love a nice pair of black boots but every pair I try on is too wide for my calves.
    Posted by Seshat411[/QUOTE]

    Ugh, I feel your pain.  I have skinny calves, though they're just a bit bigger now that I started working out, but still, smaller than the average apparently.

    You can have boot shafts altered, so that was going to be my plan.  Buy a nice pair of black leather 3" heeled that have no design with a rounded toe, and then have the shaft altered to fit my calf.  But, I ended up scoring a pair of designer boots for an awesome price on ebay that were exactly what I wanted, so I never tried having boots altered.  I did find that designer boots tend to have a narrower shaft, way more options than with other brands, unfortunately.
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