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Update re: Marriage crisis

It is truly night and day now that I've been back on my antidepressant. Within 2 days, everything was beginning to go back to normal. I should have recognized the signs of depression, as I've dealt with it my entire life but the circumstances were such that I was convinced that the problems were solely a result of my H.

H has apologized for how mean and distant he was for the past several months and explained to me that he just assumed I had "flipped a switch" and changed on him...he didnt connect the dots. It was a nasty domino effect of me being hurt and angry about how I was being treated and him being hurt and angry about me always being upset. A couple of days after getting back on the medication, my head felt clear for the first time in a LONG time. My H (and family) said that they immediately could tell a huge difference in my anxiety and overal uptightness. It was certainly a cruel introduction to marriage, but things are back to normal (almost). Whew.

While everything is on the road to wonderful now, its still disturbing that he was ready to throw the towel in so quickly. I'm not going to focus on that but it definitely stung a bit.

Its a bummer to be a slave to this medication but I'm choosing to look at it as a blessing that I even have something so effective to take. Never again will I get caught in this kind of shitstorm as a result of simply trying to be medication free.

Thank you all sooo much for letting me pour my heart out when this was happening. I've never felt such grief and sadness as I did on that particular day. I'm thankful to have this online outlet of wonderful women eager to help each other.

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