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Well EFF YOU very much.... (not WR)

So, I don't know who follows this kind of news, but a local government contractor just got busted along with a government employee for bribery and junk. 

Soooo, all of our customers (I also for for a contractor) are freaking the eff out because heads are going to roll for this. 

Time out from my "poor me" post: Hundreds of innocent people are going to lose their jobs over this.  This company has been shut down as far as I know.  Many of these people are friends and my heart is breaking for them and their families. 

Okay.  Back to me. :)  So, the customers are freaking out and one went to my boss and told him the reports I've been providing don't have enough detail.  You know why?  Because we converted accounting systems in January 2010 and it was the WORST idea EVAR!  I simply cannot pull the information the customer is asking for out of the system.  There is no way to do it without spending HOURS on reports that should take me 30 minutes.  I'm talking having people print out every expense report they do so I can find the dates of travel because there is NO way for me to look it up in the new expense report system.  I TOLD the division finance manager about this SEVERAL times when we converted and he didn't seem to care.  Guess what, he's gonna care now because we're going to lose business if I can't get this information.  Plus, they switched me from a financial to a program analyst a few months ago, so even if the system could produce the reports I need, I can't look them up because I no longer have access. 

Anywho, my job just got a lot harder.  Plus, I look like an a$$hole because my name is on the reports that I was unable to provide detail on.  Not only do I have to provide that detail going forward (which means re-doing all of the reports I had ready to submit tomorrow when they are due), but I have to "go back as far as I can" and correct the reports.  All of this because a government employee douche likes to gamble. 

I am, however, glad to have a job at all considering what's going on in that other company.  I just needed to rant a little.  Every time I get my bearing in this place, they throw another curve ball at me. 
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