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I Can't Believe My Mom said This...

Today I was having a conversation with my mom about H's employment situation. She is not very sympathetic towards it at all because my mother thinks we are rich just on my salary, anyway. It was stupid of me to even be discussing H's very possible impending layoff because I know how she thinks

However, I saw completely stunned when my mom said, "Well, if you were going to marry someone partly for financial security, you should have chosen someone younger" -I am 45, DH is 60.

I did NOT marry DH with any thought to "financial security". I could handle that all by myself thanks and even if I could not, I would not marry for it. Maybe I am being dramatic, but frankly I felt like my mom called me a whore. If I were that sort of person, I am sure I would have set out to marry someone w hell of a lot more affluent when I was 25 and pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I have not been so angry at my mother since I can remember, and frankly I can barely bring myself to speak to her now.

Tell me honestly, am I totally over reacting? Do I need to get a grip and calm down?
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