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Help me with this ethical question

I'll try to keep this brief... but well, you know me!

My parents are part of a group of farmers from my hometown that are trying to get publicity for their flood fight.  Long story short -  it's a closed basin lake that's been rising for almost 20 years, swallowing up what will be 163,000 acres of deeded farmland and causing people to lose everything.  It's dangerous and heartbreaking.

My mom told me about a month ago that a radio host where I live was going to have them all on to tell their stories.  It was a huge deal because the agriculture aspect of the flood is largely under-reported.  Then she told me it came with a price tag of $1300.  I became pissed.

The station was our local conservative talk radio place - nothing against that, but the fact that they were charging these people to come on the air enraged me.  Plus, they are last in ratings, so not many people would hear them anyway.

They went on the show, yada yada yada.  That was two weeks ago.  I've been on my parents ass like a fat kid on a cake about getting onto other media outlets.  Outlets that I know don't charge people for their stories, and outlets that I know - because I actually know these people - will do a great job, and outlets that actually reach a majority of viewers and listeners (better ratings).  It's tough to tell them to approach other outlets; we do what we can where we work, but at this point I'm more with them as a victim than I am as a journalist, you know? 

I guess there's this one lady in the group of farmers, that every time my parents bring up approaching other outlets, becomes very agitated.  She laments that the top rated station (the one I'm pushing them to contact) is "too political" (which is stupid - because how can you only want to go on the Republican station and then accuse other ones of being too political) and that they don't care about the flooding situation.  I personally know that to be untrue - because I know the damn people.

My dad told us one of their representatives had emailed the station; but the last time I spoke with one of their reporters, they said no - that they hadn't been contacted.  This woman is bullying everybody and insists that the station they paid is better and will do more stories on them (undoubtedly for more effing money!). 

I've convinced my mom to have my dad contact them himself.  Would it be, I dunno - innappropriate or out of line to message them and tell them about the story too?  I hate the idea of giving other stations leads on great stories but because I'm related to it, I want them to get their message to the most people as possible.  What would you do?

I also kind of want to call this tyrannical woman who's convincing everyone in the group that the station they have to pay is the only way to go.  She just has no idea what she's effing talking about and it makes me angry as hell.
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