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Snarky Brides

Online Shopping = Heart Palpitations

Sundays are officially the worst. I just spent too much time and too much money on J. Crew and Banana Republic becuase I haven't had a single guest stop by in about 5 hours...Lord help me...

Re: Online Shopping = Heart Palpitations

  • What do you mean by guest? Are you working?
  • Ssshhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone. Yes, ahem, working...
  • Your secret is safe with me. And all of the other gazillion lurkers out there. ;)

    I can definitely feel your pain. I went through a time where I spent way too much money online. Then I had a kid and I had no more money to spend. Problem solved!
  • Next week I am leaving my wallet at home!

  • Probably a good plan.
  • I never shop online unless its not for clothes because im afraid it wont fit or wont look good and its too much of a hassle to send it back lol....

    wallet at home = good idea =]
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  • I just hate the mall SO MUCH - so I only ever shop onine at J. Crew and Banana Republic  becuase I know their sizes so well. I thought wedding dress shopping was going to be the worst - I mean, if I don't even like to try on jeans and shirts how is a wedding dress going to be?!?!? - but it wasn't that bad. Guess I could have bought one of the J. Crew ones, haha.
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