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Annoying coworkers (NWR)

Its Tuesday after a long weekend and I am grumpy and just need to rant about my annoying coworker.
As some of you know, I was in a really bad car accident in March and have been off work for about 5 months. I came in for a few weeks to do reception (I am a broker) Part time just to get back into the work scene.
I still have bad back problems from the accident. About a month and a half ago they hired a new girl to help with my book then take over another book in October when a girl leave for maternity leave.
This means she had to use my desk. First off, she cleaned out my desk (She knew I was coming back) Threw out my calendar (that had tons of wedding appointments for September marked in there) So today was the day I was to get my desk back since I moved from reception to broker again. 
My work had ordered a chair for my back so I would be able to sit 8 hours a day.
I come into my office and sit down, and i'm like...well this isn't my chair.
So I go ask the girl, did you take my chair? And she's like yes, I didn't like the chair in my new office its uncomfortable.
TFB You can't just steal my chair for my back because you don't like your chair in your new office..... talk to management.
I brought a ton of stuff from my old job that I had purchased, like head set, stapler ect. and she moved ALL of that into her new office because she "liked them" WTF is wrong with this lady?

Anyways, end rant.
What do you or have your coworkers done to annoy you?
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