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Update: No baby today

My son is stubborn, what else can I say? We started cytotec last night at 9, had 3 doses, and then started pitocin at 9am. By 4pm, I was at 26ml/hr and had no regular cotnractions and had dilated only MAYBE 1 more cm. from the morning, for a whopping 2 cm. I did efface a little, and he came down from -4 to -2, but otherwise all we accomplished today was an 6 hour long menstrual cramp. There were no ebbs and flows, it was just constant, uncomfortable, and freaking annoying. Sparky did great handling all the squishing all day long, like it didn't even phase him, so Dr. Y didn't want to pressure me to have a c-section for no medical reason (no distress, no infection, no complications). I kind of love her for that. I am now back in an antepartum room (but no more bed rest, yay!) and still contracting every now and then. Now I can walk the floor though, which feels so good after 10 days of not leaving my room. We will try again tomorrow night with Cervadil and then more pit on Wednesday, unless this all day pitocin fest ends up kicking me into labor on my own first. If he doesn't come by Wednesday night, I will consider a c-section because we will be 14 days post-rupture and the infection risk is just that much higher. At least at that point I will know that I did all I could to avoid it, and labored for days. I wish my body would just cooperate but it seems to have changed its mind about labor after bursting my bag of waters 10 days ago. We'll just have to see what happens. Thank you all for the support. i really appreciate it. Lets keep it going until Wednesday and see if we can finally get this thing done!! Berry has 2 more days now, KW! 
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