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Vendor Reviews (Long)

I had a wonderful time at my wedding and I really feel like it all came together quite well - despite the pouring rain and tornado warnings. 

The Bingham House: A++
I loved my venue!  The Bingham House in a historic B&B in McKinney, Texas.  We had the ceremony and reception all at the same venue (which is great, since it turns out most of our guests are directionally challenged).  Mother Nature decided to move us indoors and honestly things flowed just like that was the plan the entire time.  Our tables, chairs, linens and centerpieces were all set up by the Bingham House staff.  After our personal things were packed up, they also took care of cleaning up.  They were courteous and wonderful.  They obviously knew what they were doing, which made things so much easier on my part.  One of my favorite things is that they had two Open Houses between when we booked our date and our wedding.  This gave us two opportunities to 're-scope' things out and helped me remember where things were, etc.  They also provide lots of things, decorating wise.  They have a wishing tree, lots of different sized vases, multi-colored stones, etc.  This really helped our budget.

Catering: The Bingham House: A++
I honestly didn't eat much, even though we were the first through the line.  What I did eat, though was wonderful!  DH ate a lot and said it was all very, very delicious.  It was also rather inexpensive compared to prices I've seen from other caterers.

DOC: Karen Lynch: The Bingham House: A++
Karen owns The Bingham House with her husband.  She was also our DOC.  Karen is the reason my wedding flowed perfectly.  She had us rehearse Plan A, B and C.  So, we all knew what we were doing no matter what the weather entailed.  She also made sure everything was set up.  She assembled the processional, knew the timing, etc.  She mad sure she was doing what we wanted, but didn't harass us.  Ther is absolutely no way my wedding would have been so wonderful without her.  She obviously has experience with weddings and is VERY professional!  My centerpieces didn't come from my florist, I wanted to do them myself to cut costs.  I used her vases and at one of our meetings I said I wasn't sure what flowers to buy (I know nothing about flowers).  Karen offered to take care of the centerpieces so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  I was so happy to have one less thing on my to-do list, and they turned out wonderful.  She also kept my emcee (we did an iPod) informed of all the changes (due to weather) and notified him each time before he was to get up and speak.  She also communicated very well with my photographer, making sure Shauna knew what we were doing.  Yes, everyone was given a timeline before hand, but we had to move everything indoors, so that changed our timeline a bit. 

STD: Zazzle: A
This was probably the easiest thing I did.  I took one of our e-pics, uploaded, added the address, etc. and presto - our STD was done.  They came in a timely manner and everyone loved them.

Wedding Invitations: weddingpaperdivas.com: A
We purchased our invites from weddingpaperdivas.com.  I wanted to do pocketfold invitations, because I like the way they look.  They didn't turn out exactly like I thought they would, but in the end I really liked them.  They really set the 'tone' for our wedding.

Dress: Circle Park Bridal: A++
I had a wonderful experience at Circle Park Bridal.  I went in, tried on several dresses, found one I liked, bought it and walked out with it that day.  I would say, if you are not ready to buy a dress, don't go to Circle Park Bridal.  They don't order dresses (or they didn't when I went - back in March).  You either buy what they have or risk someone else buying it before you make it back in to purchase it.  They were very friendly and helpful.  I did feel 'catered' to and not like I was just a 'regular' customer.  I also purchased a very detailed dress with a long train for under $1,000.  As some of you know I didn't really like my dress that much leading up to my wedding.  But, when I put it on the day of my wedding, with my hair and make-up done, I honestly felt like a bride.  I can't describe the feeling.  It was awesome.  I felt pretty.  Awe.  I also bought my veil here - they have a very good selection of veils!

Alteration: Maybe Sew: A++
I know how everyone loves Becky Fowler, but I have to say, I had a really great experience with Leighanna of Maybe Sew.  My dress has a lot of detail, so alterations are a bit tough.  But, Leighanna took in my bodice through the zipper without touching any of the beading.  She also put in a whopping 8 bustles before I arrived at my fitting.  I tried the dress on, we bustled it and realized it was still a bit too long.  She plopped right down on the ground and sewed two more bustles in right on the spot - at no extra charge.  I think she did a fabulous job and I recommend her.  Plus, she is budget friendly.

Photographer: Shauna Benoit of K&S Photography: A+++++
Shauna was by far my favorite vendor.  She has such a creative eye!  I love working with Shauna.  She knows exactly what pictures to take and is very patient.  She makes you feel very comfortable and I was able to relax.  She helped me by making vendor recommendations when we first signed our contract with her.  She frequently checked in with me to make sure everything was going well.  She was also very flexible and patient with my indecisiveness.  Despite a previous post regarding her company, I would 100% recommend her.  She is a wonderful person and a great photographer!!

MUA/Hairstylist: Kelly Espinoza of Haute Facade: A++
I emailed Shauna (my photographer) and asked her who she would recommend for hair (that's how much I trust her!).  She recommended Kelly hands down.  So, I booked Kelly - and wow - Kelly did NOT disappoint.  She was also very flexible and was able to come to our location.  She did a fantastic job and kept us all on schedule.  I am doing an after wedding photo session and I will definitely be using Kelly again for my hair and make-up.

Florist: Blooming Accents: Gloria Parker: A++
Uh - wonderful.  I honestly only met with Gloria once.  I am by NO means a flower expert.  I took pictures of flower that I liked to my meeting with her.  I told her my wedding colors and my budget and presto!  I absolutely loved all of our flowers.  My bouquet was beautiful - although I'm a bit partial.  :)  She also needed to drop the flowers off at the venue earlier in the day (on the wedding day).  Instead of having me call and coordinate, she asked for the number to the venue and she called and took care of the arrangements herself.  She also sent me a follow-up email, so I would know what the plan was.  Very professional.

Cake: Kimberly Pickens (a good friend of mine): A++
Kim is thinking of opening a bakery.  She is a VERY good baker.  Our wedding cake was a champagne cake and it was very, very delicious.  It was very moist! I think it looked gorgeous, too.  She also made DH's groom's cake - which was a german chocolate cake with a Double T on it, along with chocolate covered strawberries with Double T's.  DH said it was delicious.   I think she is going to start out baking out of her home, so if you are interested let me know.  I was very happy with how our cakes turned out.

That wraps up our day.  If I left any obvious vendors out, let me know.  We didn't have a DJ, we took the iPod route - and honestly I was surprised at how happy I was with how that turned out.  I am very happy with our wedding day.  I am so glad we didn't elope after all.  :)

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