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Another update on crazy job situation (the plot thickens)

So the last time I posted, I was hopeful that the program director would be able to turn things around and remain accountable for how the budget is spent and start showing us some transparency. She seemed to be shaping up, but then the only other therapist here (there were four, but two left a few months ago) went BSC. Like, running off to Eqypt with a guy she just met and leaving her daughter and her clients to deal with themselves. There have been a whole bunch more ethical violations I won't get into, but basically she just quit, with no notice to her clients. Now that it's just me, the office will almost certainly get shut down within a month. My supervisor is still hanging on with me, but it's been next to impossible to find office space that I can afford if I were to go into private practice on my own. I just found out about a paid internship at a reputable therapy center for women in the area, and I'm going to try to power through the 12-page application before its due date tomorrow. Craziness. So, I thought you guys might want to know the latest chapter in this crazy saga. Enough about me... How's everyone else doing? :-/

Re: Another update on crazy job situation (the plot thickens)

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    Well shoot I was really hoping things would turn around for you :( I hope the paid internship works out, that sounds like it could be a great thing for you and a way for you to get out of the current mess.
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    Poli, that blows!
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    Sounds like the therapists are nutter than the clients. I know they may flounder for awhile, but maybe its for the best.

    As far as you, good luck with the application. Keeping my fingers crossed. I think you and your supervisor need to get out of there.

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    Thanks, ladies. I'm trying not to pin too much on this new internship, but it's hard not to. And Nates, it's sad to say, but there are quite a few therapists out there with serious problems. There are a lot of amazing ones as well, but the unwell one always stand out.
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    Eeek that sounds so messy. I'm sorry! Hopefully this whole mess ends up being a blessing in disguise for you!
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    My goodness! What an ordeal this has been for you. GL with your internship application.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:2be45438-e026-4723-8502-1252d872e522Post:88d11c39-e1a9-43a0-adab-aef1bce9145d">Re: Another update on crazy job situation (the plot thickens)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Eeek that sounds so messy. I'm sorry! Hopefully this whole mess ends up being a blessing in disguise for you!
    Posted by chelseamb11[/QUOTE]

    Cheslut-Do you ever shut the flying fuckk up?
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    Good luck!

    H is getting transfered to a location further away (1 hour instead of 20 min) and my job is being shoved on the chopping block tomorrow. Womp womp wommmmp
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    Holyshit what a mess. I'm so sorry you are going through this, Poli. I hope the internship works out. Just fill out a page every 10 minutes and you'll be done in 2 hours. That doesn't really help, does it? :(

    Katie, so sorry to hear about your and H's jobs. Yuck.
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