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Venting about SIL

I hate my sister in law to be. To be honest.. I dispsie my sister in law to be AND my father in law to be.

The father is a jerk, he hates that I want to stay at home and be a house wife and eventually a stay at home mom.. But he is a hyprocrit because he is totally about women being traditional. He told my fiance that I am a free loader and that he should marry someone with better goals and values. I liked him.. until he told me I was an ignorant racist.. Yeah, I'm so racist.. Yet I am marrying your son?!

 (Mind you that I just recently droped out of nursing school.. because I moved out of state to start a new life due to my df's new job..)

The sister, Good GOD the sister. I never really liked her. She is CRAZY feminist. She is all in support of same sex marriage (I am prolove too), But then she goes and says that marriage is STUPID and that everyone in the world should have live in partners. Yell Add in that she hates America && that she told DH he could do better than me.. She was uninvited from the wedding.. & SHE WILL NOT BE THERE. END OF STORY. I HATE HER. SHE WILL NEVER SEE MY CHILDREN. SHE IS NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME.

The mother? She is bipolar.. She loves me then she hates me. But really? She just wants to conrol me. Ugh. I don't really hate her that much..

The curent reason for my rant.. We were going to get married in 2012.. My cousin offered to plan and pay for the entire wedding with the exception of the dress, rings, and cake. We set a date, April 23rd 2011.  The moment I found out the wedding was going to be covered by my cousin I called my MIL2b and let her know that we would be having a wedding in April.. I had 65 days to get everything together so the next call was to the MOH & Best man.

 Well the best man works with the FIL2b.. So he went to work excited about the wedding and apparently the mother didnt tell the father. So he assumed he was not invited.. So DF called him and told him about the wedding asking him to come since he felt as if he was unwelcome. FIL2b responded with all this junk about how he should find someone else. DF told him were getting married, leave us alone about it. We then sent him a formal invitation.. It was an invite just for the parents from us. He still said he wasnt invited! So.. we went to things to remember and got him an ingraved clock and asked him when we gave the gift to please come.. Yep, he still is saying he isnt invited & that he should have known about the wedding first.

The MIL2b is upset that I am refusing to allow the sister to come to the weddiing. Well, had she not cursed me out for 6 hours via text message maybe she would have been invited. But she will not ruin our wedding. I don't have the tollorance to put up with her BS.. & I won't do it.

Lastly, They know we are having a beach wedding.. NO TUX! NO TUX! NO TUX! NO MOTHER FREAKING TUX! They called and offered to buy the tux for the wedding.. I then told them were not doing a tux because it is hot and it doesnt go with the wedding theme but I did send them, them being MIL2B because she is the only one I will speak to, anyways I emailed them with a link to the shirt, tie, vest, and slacks we will be buying for the wedding. They replied saying okay.. Yet they still want him to wear a tux... to a wedding they may not even attend..

NO TUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I really have no goal for this post. I just needed to vent to someone that wouldnt feel bad about it. (I dont want to bash DF's family in front of him.. He knows they suck, he doenst need me to tell him.)
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