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How long do we have to take pictures? Ughh!

I hate taking pictures in regular, every day life, so I'm not expecting to have some magical transformation on my wedding day. I definitely want my fiance to see me for the first time walking down the aisle, so the pics with him before the ceremony are out. My friend told me she took pics with her and her fiance and family for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. You have got to be kidding me! Barf! I'm thinking like an hour tops? I want to enjoy the day. I don't need a million corny poses, just a few magical moments. But how long is the right amount of time to take pics of us?

Re: How long do we have to take pictures? Ughh!

  • An hour is fine. That's what I usually try to aim for when I shoot weddings.
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  • We did 30 minutes for posed type pictures.  I hate pictures as well so I got a photographer that was more into candid/photo journalism type of pictures. That way I got gorgeous pictures and I didn't have to pose for them. 
  • We tried to take pictures for an hour before the wedding, and we had to do it for another hour after. This had precious little to do with the time spent taking actual pictures, and more to do with the fact that everyone was wandering around and out in the parking lot and doing everything but hanging around the photo area so they could be ready when it was their turn.
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  • We took about 30 minutes for posed pictures. I was also more interested in candid shots.


  • Okay great. Yeah, I'm more into the candid shot thing anyway.
  • Only 30 minutes here too. The thing that will make it go quickest is if you have someone assigned to corral the people needing to be in pictures. The thing that took us the longest was my sister wandering off any time a lens wasn't pointed right at her.

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