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Okay, first I am totally overwhelmed.  Since FI went into the hospital I've gotten almost no wedding junk done.  Every day I get more overwhelmed.  When I get like this, I tend to just do nothing because I feel like I'll never get it all done.  Is anyone else like this?  Any tips for getting me motivated to just start checking things off my ever-growing list?

Here's the long part.  CV: A friend keeps changing her mind about who she's bringing to my wedding even though she knows space is limited and I've already adjusted for her more than once. 

Also, I have a situation with one of my friends.  She was going through a divorce when the STDs went out, so I addressed it to her and her kids.  I was talking to her one night and asked if she was bringing them and she said no.  I was cool with that because I've over-invited for my venue anyway.  A couple months later she mentioned on the phone the her new boyfriend said something like "When we go to RI for Kim's wedding..."  Huh?!  They had a very on-again/off-again relationship filled with all kinds of drama and had only been dating again for about a week when this happened.  I had talked to her time and time again about my venue restrictions and stressing out about people asking for an "and guest" just so they could bring a date (not a SO...a date).  So, I was a little put off that they both assumed he was invited.  Whatever, she's my friend.  She loves this guy.  She's going through a rough time.  So, I told her of course he can come and tried not to let on that I was a little miffed, because I wasn't sure if I had any right to be.  I sent her invite to her and guest as she requested. 

Well, they broke up last week.  She says this time is "for good".  We shall see.  So, I emailed her yesterday to see how she was doing and she's not doing well.  At the end of the email, she writes: "So, I was thinking of bringing my sister as my date, thoughts?"  Really?  I love her sister and I wish I had room for her on the guest list.  I did want to invite her anyway, but I had to make cuts somewhere.  I guess I'm just feeling like this friend isn't really listening when I talk.  I get that it's her sister and not some random dude, but I have TOLD her that most of my single friends (as-in not in a relationship at all) aren't getting an "and guest" and that space (not money) is really tight.  If it were money I could work a few extra shifts.  No biggie.  I've also told her that my FI has more people he'd like to invite and I had to accommodate him before I added more people to my already larger side.  I feel it was presumptuous for her to fill her ex's spot like that. 

I'm going to let her invite her sister.  It's not worth the guilt trip.  I guess I just wanted some opinions.  I'm just repairing this friendship after years of distancing myself.  She pulled a pretty hurtful move on me a few weeks ago, so I can't tell if I'm being over-sensitive or if I need to have yet another talk with her after the wedding about how she makes me feel like everything I say to her falls on deaf ears.
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