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Spent way too much on hair (rant)

My fiance and I have been going to our hairstylist for 4 years or so, and she's pretty pricey as it is, but i figured it's ok just because I only get my hair done once every 3 or 4 months.

So I am just now calculating everything that I have had to get done with her and this is what I've came to.

Trim: $60 plus gratuity
Color & Trial: $140 plus gratuity
and then she's obviously doing my hair the day of, and I believe she's going to charge $100... plus gratuity

so that means that I am spending about $350 including tips on my frigging hair!!! WTF? The thing is, she's using like 10 bobby pins to do a side pony tail kind of thing for my hairstyle.. I feel kinda jipped, and now it's a little too late to really do anything about it. 

Any other person I have ever gone to do my hair has messed it up.


Budget friendly, FAIL!
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