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I'm sorry you didn't get the jobs. :( Are you ok? Want to talk about it?

If not, random chatting goes here?

Re: Numbers

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    Piggybacking, here.  Listen, You're having a rough couple of days/weeks and that sucks. You have a lot going on and that's rough.


    You're beautiful.

    You're smart. 

    You are an awesome teacher.

    You're a good wife and friend. 

    We love you.
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    ha ha ha...

    I am not really okay and yet, because I am a fairly resilient person, I know I am fine...if that makes any sense.

    We had a huge conference at work today and I was on the planning committee...well the way we run things is that everyone kinda has 'jobs'...I don't really work like that...I do my jobs but then I presume there is always more to do. So pretty much I was 'in charge' today with my admin...none of the other committee members did much since their 'jobs' were done...but I spent the day putting out fires...(I went to the grocery store at 7:45 after the person in charge of food didn't buy enough breakfast, then one of the presenters was stuck in traffic so I figured out where those students would go, then I was informed by my admin that they had a problem for me to solve...a presenter called in sick and I had to place the 18 students in her workshop elsewhere, then I had to make sure all the presenters got their thank you gifts...and at the end of the day I took all the stuff that needed to go back to Starbucks back there...) about 2pm I was done and I wanted to know about the job and I didn't know yet and the conference wasn't over and I was tired and felt like shitte...but kept going, went home, cried most of the way home from just being tired, then DH made me go to the gym (which was good) and on the way I checked my email and I had an email from the principal who told me they went with someone else...and because we were on the way to the gym I couldn't really lose it in the car. And then we went out for dinner with DHs family and I couldn't lose it there. And now I am home and tired.

    Between the credit card situation revelation yesterday, a long day at work today and then not getting the job...I am just in a ditch. I will get out, I always do.

    Thanks for asking CCF. :)

    ps: sorry for the wall of text. 
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    BUT...I was so angry at life that I did manage to run by ass off at the gym...I ran 5k in less than 30 minutes (barely), which is a personal record. It was my ray of sunshine today. That and DH, he has been awesome.
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    NebbNebb member
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    Youre so incredibly strong my dear, just remember that. This is trying, but youre strong.
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    You're resilient, Number, and it's good that you know that :)
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    Thanks ladies...I know it sounds ridiculous but you ladies make a huge difference in my life...I am willing to get flamed for that...but you do and I am grateful to have somewhere to come to when I am both in the lowest of lows and the highest of highs...

    DH says it is time to 'rest and renew', which means I need to put the computer away and get to bed...tomorrow is a new day, I have faith that it will be better. 
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    reilsreils member
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    I am sorry you didn't get the job. This might sound corny but I really think that things happen for a reason. If you didn't get that job it's because there is a better opportunity waiting for you. I know it's hard right now though. 
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    *hugs* Something even better is just waiting around the corner for you. You are so incredibly strong and will get through all of this.
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    I totally feel your pain because I want and need a new job. I just keep telling myself that a particular position wasn't made for me and something better is out there. 
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    Hugs to you love! You're wonderful and deserve the very best <3
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