Snarky Brides

Well, there goes my weekend (join me in venting?)

H just called and said a huge tree came down in our yard. It took out part of the fence, and, go figure, our entire power line. You know, the one that I always bitch about because we lose power every time the wind blows? So it's been out since 9, JEA JUST NOW shows up.

And go figure, it's about to storm.  Another go figure, our landlords are out of town and we haven't been able to get in touch with them for a few days. H doesn't think it can be taken down and fixed in a day, so we're likely going without power this weekend, and in 90+-degree weather. Gross.

H said he hasn't opened the fridge, so as long as I get ice on the way home Whisky's meds will be okay. The silver lining in this is that maybe now the power line will be replaced entirely so it will stop going out.
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