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If you controlled the world...

what rules would you make or what would change?

I would make it so that if you suffer from migraines, you can not get other headaches!  Totally unfair, having a migraine and a sinus headache all in the same day!

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Re: If you controlled the world...

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    Going along with M&M's pregnancy idea, I would implement a license to have children.  Some people reeeeally want children, but would end up being terrible parents (ie HS girls who make pregnancy pacts, and people who want to be on TV for having 246 children).
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    Puppy Love
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    Ha! These are great.

    I'd make airlines charge a flat fee of a certain amount per mile. It would make life easier for budget minded people, and those who get highly frustrated with the booking process. :)
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    [QUOTE]Oh AND at tolls, every one would have the exact change.
    Posted by MeaghanandMichael[/QUOTE]

    No, everyone has EZ Pass! And the EZ Pass that they have in OHIO/Indiana, where you can whizz right through without being a speciic 'row'.

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    All of the above, plus these:

    1. I'd make a law that states that if you are going to put up Christmas lights/decorations, they are to be removed by noon on January 2nd. I don't see this as unreasonable.

    2. There should be a proper application process (including urinalysis) in order to apply for government assistance/Welfare. I have to apply and pee in a cup in order to work my a$s off everyday, these people should too.
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