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Bullshit bills

So our state legislature is in full swing and every time it convenes, people talk about bills that are proposed that are completely worthless.

For example - our House (I think its House) majority leader and two other legislators have introduced three bills that would force one of our Universities to keep their nickname and logo (the nickname and logo has been debated for YEARS, has been deemed hostile and abusive by the NCAA and in Nov, the school finally began the process of retiring the nickname and logo). 

Another bill would require parents to sign a waver saying they understand the dangers of contact sports when their child joins football, etc when it comes to concussions.  This bill was introdueced by a Republican doctor - which I find ironic that he wants to legislate it, since it seems to me that it would be better taken care of by the Activities association.

Another bill (which has already been shot down) would ban any alcohol at College sports games.  Including tailgating.

Our sessions only last 80 days every two years so it just bothers me that such BS bills get debated when there is SERIOUS stuff going on here that need to be taken care of; like flood mitigation.  Everyone's whining about "how are we going to pay for it" when we have billions in surplus.  Stop going after Congress, we have the money.  Let's get to work.

Also one of our legislators left for 11 days during the session.  11 damn days.  On an "economic development trip."

...I just realized I've written another novel but does anyone else have any other gripes with legislation they think is a waste of time and taxpayer money?  I feel like we pay these people to do a job and sometimes they just do. it. wrong.
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