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I just ordered my necklace- woop woop! Thanks so much, I can't wait to see it in person!

I saw the beautious earrings you made that match the necklace, and I was tempted, but I don't generally like wearing matchy jewelry, so I didn't get them. I  did however decide that I NEED the Nina earrings, so I got those too. Laughing

Re: Christin PSR

  • To me, PSR = Public School Religion (i.e. night school for catholic kids who have terrible parents that send them to, gasp, public school).  I actually shuddered when I read that.

    I probably wouldn't wear them as a set either Jens.  Not my thing.  But, I figured while I'm making necklaces, I'm going to make earrings too.  That's how I roll.  IT'S HOW I ROLL!  Also, I meant to tell you the only difference between the Jen and the Callista is that the Jen beads are a bit smaller.  Not sure that comes across well in photos.  I actually like those a bit better, so kudos to you! 

    Also, those Nina earrings are BA-RU-TI-FUL.  ::Pats self on back::  Hopefully I have more of those stones so I can repost them to the store.  I like to pull them out sometimes and just enjoy the pretty sparkly.  I recommend you do the same.
  • I didn't mean to bring you bad memories-- you may now replace your old assocation with that acronym.

    I did notice that the beads were smaller (you put it in the description of the earrings too, so I figured.)

    I will be sure to take out my SuzeJewelry at regular intervals to admire the sparkliness. But if everyone flames me for being a pompous asss, I will send them to you, since it will be because I'm feeling so confident prancing around in my beautiful new jewels.
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