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Question for the momma's (or anyone really)

Putting the cart before the horse/planning ahead for cousins wedding. I found out H's cousin is getting married October 22nd in Georgia. The "plan" per in-laws is that I will take the 10 hour drive with them (and my then 3 month old, and 5 year old niece) and H will fly in that day to meet us then fly back.

I am not thrilled with this plan on many levels. The reception site looks gorgeous, but knowing cousin it will be a very "party" type of reception. Nothing wrong with that but not exactly my scene, especially with a baby. I have already been informed that everyone at the reception will be "omg so excited" to see the baby and not coming is not an option (sil is willing to pay for H's flights if necessary).

1) Would you take a 10 hour (driving time, not including breaks) ride with a 3 month old and a 5 year old?
2) Would you take a 10 hour (see above) ride with a 3 month old?
3) would you drive 10 hours to go to a place where you would likely just go the ceremony?
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