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Ok, so here's the story. And I KNOW I made a huge mistake and I should've known better.I went to the Bridal show last Sunday and met Chris with ThePhotographyShoppe. He seemed extremely nice, their prices were AMAZING, he had samples of HIS work, and he put in the contract that he would be OUR photographer. So I felt comfortable even though I've heard you typically shouldn't go with people where they have several photographers and sites.We signed a contract for engagements, bridals, and weddings. And paid the deposit.I have left two messages, and today (after not receiving a call back) called every site listed on their card because I had a question I thought of after the show and I wanted to schedule engagements. I didn't get a call answered from anywhere or a call back (from the first messages).So this is when I got scared - and I looked up reviews and they are HORRIBLE. Literally, absolutely awful.Do ya'll know what I can do at this point? If anything?


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    Take the advice of the other knotties here and never sign a contract without looking at reviews first. Most photographers would have let you think about it and the price would have been good for at least a week.I can give you a suggestion for a reliable photographer, she is my friend and has a good eye. Amber Palmer, www.skyewolfedp.com is her site. My engagements turned out wonderful!
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