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This is an AE post...

I am way too embarrassed to post this under my real name and information, but I'm someone who posts fairly frequently. I am really torn here as to what to do...

I have been engaged for a while now and I loved my old solitaire engagement ring. One day we were getting it cleaned at the jewelry store we bought it at and...I was looking around. Simply browsing because I'm a female.

I found a setting that was beautiful and told FI that I liked it. I even told my friend about it in front of him, but I never expected him to buy it. We had talked before about upgrading to a new setting on a later anniversary though.

Anyway, one day we were shopping again and he brought me back to the store and told me that he had enough money in savings to purchase the setting. I was so excited and thought it was incredibly sweet of him to buy it for me. But it has been four months since my diamond was placed in the setting and I am still unsure if I really like the setting.

It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong. But I really miss when it was just a simple solitaire, and now I'm torn. I don't want to hurt him, because I know telling him would really hurt his feelings. But I also want my original engagement ring back. I don't know what to do.

Advice? (Sorry it got long!)
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