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Help me make a major life decision (long).

CN:  I was just offered a job that I'm overqualified for that's part time, no benefits, low pay, hour commute each way.  I'd really like to have a job, but we don't NEED my income, and there are other positions at this company I would like.  Don't know if I should take it or not.

I was just offered a job that I interviewed for last week. It's similar to what I was doing at my last job, except it's all kids on probation, and it's an after school program designed to do skills training and supervise them in getting their community service done. It's part time (25-30ish hours a week). It pays even less than my last job did. No benefits because it's part time. It's an hour commute each way. My gas to get me there and back will about equal one hour's worth of pay, before taxes (so that's 3 hours out my day for working at this job that I'm not getting paid for, essentially). I know someone that works there (she used to work at my last job with me). She's said that some things are better than our last job--most importantly that she hasn't been in a single hold or physical altercation yet, and there are far fewer kids to deal with.

 I don't really know what to do. On one hand, it's hardly worth it to drive that far to work part time making that little and no benefits. It wouldn't be something I'd want to do long term, and I'd hate to give future potential employers the idea that if they hire me I'll bounce in less than a year. But I don't know when my next job offer is going to come. I HAVE the 2000 hours experience that is necessary to qualify me for the better jobs, but as I completed them in less than 1 calendar year, it doesn't LOOK like it from my resume. I fear that I'm being passed up for many of those jobs because they don't think I'm qualified even though I am. I'm trying to work it into future cover letters, but It would be nice to have the months to back it up, you know? There are many potential other jobs in the company that I could move up to, but who knows when they'll open up. We don't NEED my income. I'm overqualified, and the pay is really horribly low.  I fear I'd resent it and always feel "too good" for the job.  But I feel an amazing sense of dread at declining if they offer it. Will that screw me over for any future positions a little higher up the ladder I might want to apply for?

Would you take the job if they offered it, if you were me?

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