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NWR: Becoming a paralegal? (XP)

I plan on starting community college in the summer for a post bachelors certificate in paralegal studies.

Background about me: I have a bachelors degree in Physics from a top 10 public university. Following that I worked for state government doing program analysis in Public Safety, Criminal Justice and Judicial state agencies for the state senate. Essentially I did a ton of research on programs in the state government and wrote briefs (not legal) for senators and advised them on adding/eliminating/reducing/expanding programs with a focus on their budgetary issues.

I think I want to work as an intellectual property paralegal (still love and understand science, just don't want to do it myself). I loved the research I did at my last job, just hated the people in my office I worked for.

Does anyone have any general advice, input, suggestions, cautions, etc for me delving into this new career path? Do any current paralegals or lawyers think my experience can be parlayed into the legal field? Thanks for any input you have for me!
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