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Help me shop for a graduation gift.

My closest cousin (in both age, and friendship) is graduating from high school this week.  I've of course left it too late to order a gift online, unless they have super fast and cheap shipping, so I need some inspiration before I head out to buy her something.  (Actually, if something is amazing and is only available online, I'll just have it shipped straight to her and tell her up front that it's coming)

I love her to death, but we're really not alike, so I have a hard time shopping for her.  She's a total tomboy, her main hobby is barrel racing her horses.  Have you ever seen the Andy Griffith Show?  She basically lives there.  Cash and gift cards aren't an option.  She's going to the local community college in the fall, but she'll still be living at home.  We're willing to spend ~$100, a little more if it's a great gift.  What would you get her?

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    My sister Kelley graduated last week and I got her a caddy of all the things she should have in the bathroom. Well considering that she's staying at home, you could get her a horseshoe necklace..or something else that signifies what she likes. I've never shopped for anyone that was going to community college so I'm probably not much of a help. But I would go for the jewelry
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