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Have to laugh...

FI called just before lunch. 
FI:  "Hey, you want a brother?"
ME: "Um, sure."
FI: "Cool, can you go bail him out of jail?"
ME: " Whaaaaa?"

AATB length story short, FBIL has no driver's license, was pulled over ticketed, never went to court, cops came to house and arrested him this am after we left for work. 

We now are bonding him out and you can bet your collective asses that he's going to make his next fuckin' court date, even if I have to hog-tie his ass to do it.  He also hasn't paid taxes for at least 5 years b/c he's been working under the table.  I asked FI if they'd be at Old Chicago's after (local bar w/ 110 beers) and he said, "Yep, more than likely."  So I told him I'd pick their drunk asses up after work.  Sigh...have to laugh, I suppose.
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