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Oily skin

My face is driving me absolutely insane. By noon (on warmer days its even worse) my forehead is quite noticably oily and disgusting. I wipe it off and wash my face with water throughout the day so I dont look like a greaseball but I know of no other ways to countract this?

Is there a face cleaner I can use that will lessen this? Is there something one can cut from their diet so their face doesnt look like the gulf (is that a bad joke? Im sorry)? Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

Ricks - I know you were doing that oil treatment, where you painted oil on your face. I cant remember if you said whether it worked or not?

Re: Oily skin

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    i 100% agree with the toilet paper seats. its been a secret of mine for years that whenever i go to the bathroom i use one for my face to help with my oily skin. its basically a huge, free blotting paper!

    my wedding is in a couple months so for the past 5 months ive been getting facials -  thanks to my bridesmaids who bought me that as a bridal present. i definitely think it has helped with the appearance of my skin and the amount of acne i get.

    on the daily, i use dr grandel's foaming face wash and then use clayton shagal's moisturizer in the morning and then at night i use the face wash again and then use clinique's all about eyes cream and a 5% glycolic cream on my face. i got my face wash, moisturizer and glycolis cream from the woman who does my facials. i exfoliate with clinique's exfoliating scrub once a week and exfoliate my lips with philosophy's kiss me lip scrub daily. i've also noticed that aquaphor and sugar work well as a lip exfoliator and leave my lips very soft and moisturized for the rest of the day.

    hope this helps! =D
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