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Are we really Bridezillas???

Anyone else experienced this???

At first everyone tells you that it's "your day" and "its all about what you want"

But when the wedding is only a few weeks away and you want certain songs played, and the reception set up a certain way, or you don't want to start the bachelorette party at the bars at 6pm, suddenly, your a BRIDEZILLA?!?!?

Sure, the details won't matter in a few years, but right now it's the little things that count! (and people will remember!)

Re: Are we really Bridezillas???

  • Bridezilla is a term flung around FAR to loosely in my opinion. I was pretty damn assertive with my vendors, but not with my family. It depends on the issue and what went down.

    Tell us what happened. We are excellent judge and jury.
  • We need more details.  I agree with Meg that The term is thrown away way too much, but sometimes it is deserved.
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    And betrothed, I'm disgusted with most of the comments that you have posted. I don't think I've ever read such judgmental comments in my life. I'm so lucky that the girls I speak to on theknot are nothing like you...I would've never come on here for ADVICE if I would've encountered a big a bitch as you. I genuinely feel awful for your children or your future children, and I think it would be irresponsible of YOU not to invest in their future therapy sessions starting now. Because trust me when I tell you honey, they're gonna need it. ~jcaruncho2010
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  • When people call me a bridezilla, I set them on fire with my eyes.

  • In my experience, it's not in what you want, but in how you ask for it.  If you run around demanding that the reception tables be moved so that it gives you the best light in the room, or that you refuse to allow any song requests at your wedding (sorry grandma and grandpa, you can't play your wedding song becuase it reminds me of an ex-boyfriend.)  Then yes, you will be labeled a bridezilla.

    If you want the tables moved so that there will be more room for dancing or that the only song you don't want played is "Party in the USA," then no you aren't a bridezilla.
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    My inner Bridezilla lives in fear of Mothra.
  • if you are being called bridezilla enough that this is an issue, chances are you have done things to warrant it :P

    I agree with PP its how you ask, being nice and conciderate of others makes a bigger impact than the details themselves
  • I get this too! But just from one FI brother,who is our Best Man...It drives me crazy! He tells everyone I am a bridezilla....I rarely mention anything about the wedding to him.  We know a lot of people getting married right now and at every wedding he tells atleast 2 people that I am a bridezilla. 

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  • yeah I think to some people, details might be important to them.  Other people could care less, but that doesn't mean all people should care less.  If certain things are important to you that is fine. 
  • IMO, an actual Bridezilla is a person who:

    -Treats friends/family all in the name of, "IT'S MY DAY!"
    -Yells at vendors like crazy because the bride decides that she wants something different than what the contract includes.
    -Has unrealistic expectations of anybody regarding the wedding.
    -Who can't remember why they're getting married in the first place
    -Threatens the groom to "call it off" repeatedly for offenses that aren't deserving of such a drastic action.
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    [QUOTE]My mom introduced me to a coworker today. "And this is my little bridezilla..." SERIOUSLY, MOM?? I have not done ANYTHINGGG that even remotely resembles a bridezilla! She just "thinks its cute."
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    That's funny! I once called myself a bridezilla: My mom hijacked my STDs and handmade them with her friend to look like "vintage" Valentine's Day cards. When guests started receiving them before I had even seen them... The Bridezilla may have been unleashed. And I may have made excuses for it like it's a medical condition.

    The term definitely gets thrown around too much. I'd say as long as people aren't justified in their saying it, i.e. you didn't throw a Lenox bread plate at the head of a sales associate who told you that the pattern you wanted was on back order, I wouldn't worry about it!
  • I want to smack my MOH every time she tells me, "It's YOUR day!".  I hate that term with a passion.  And bridezilla really is used way too much.
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    [QUOTE]My inner Bridezilla lives in fear of Mothra.
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  • My mom told me I was being a bridezilla because I didn't want the dollar dance and wanted to was going to invite the WP's SOs to the head table. Her argument was that the dollar dance is traditional (it is in our family, but I still hate it) and the head table would be too big (so what, I'm not separating people). So she said I was being bossy, then "no wait, that's not the right word. You're being a bridezilla!"

    So for that I had to say, "Yeah, well, it's MY day so what I say goes. So there."
  • I think as soon as a woman wants something a certain way, she's a bridezilla. Its one of those situations where you just wont win.
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  • I was so upset when I was called a bridezilla by my MOH after she asked me about taking out a lip ring piercing. I said she should and could stick it back in after the wedding photos and when we were at the reception. That apparently consitutes me as a bridezilla for answering a question. Bah.
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