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Funny Hotel Review

I'm looking into pet friendly hotels for our trip out to OH.  This review cracked me up.

"No kidding, the 3 lamps in my room were burned out. I called to have them changed, they said they would be right up , I waited a half hour in the dark, then finally I went to the front desk and asked for the bulbs. The manager behind the desk said"'what do you need light for if you're going to sleep, and since you're impatient you'll have to leave the hotel",and he said I wouldn't recieve a refund. Almost in tears I explained to him I was there on busines, I worked all day and had to be up early, and it was the weekend and all the hotel rooms were already booked. He said " then I'll call the police and have you escorted out".I said , "please just hand me the bulbs and I'll go to my room.(that were resting on his desk) Unbelievably, he called the police, they came, and said they couldn't do anything so they took me to the Super 8 next door. While I was booking my room at Super 8 , the man from Red Roof Inn called Super 8 and told them not to book to me, so I was without a room that night though I paid 2 nights at Red Roof Inn that they wouldn't refund. These are the meanest people in the world. . "
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