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TGIF Morning Thread!

Good morning ladies!

I think I am going to explode...Not only am I not losing weight, now I seem to be gaining wait. Last night we went out to a fast food place and I had a bowl of Tom Yum soup, which is really all just broth. I figured it couldn't be that bad for me. Well this morning I am up more than a pound. So I decided to look up nutritional information for the restaurant and of course, they have none, a further google search shows that their 'we are working on it' on their website has been up since 2008! Now I am wondering just how bad it was for me. I am so effing tired of limiting what I eat and then stepping on the scale and not liking what I see.

Oh, and I still don't know if I got the job (they said end of the week though) so now I am just fed up and discouraged and I feel like if I don't get it I will be a mess (but will have to hide it since we are going to SILs for MILs b-day tonight and none of them know about it).

Okay, I am done. I feel like I post so many complaints/rants on TK. Maybe I will post a 'things you are appreciative of' or 'things in your life that make you feel inspired' thread later today because clearly I am stuck in a negative nancy pit! 

Hope you ladies all have wonderful Fridays...
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