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I know this has been discussed before, but it's a new conundrum for me.  My family has always done holiday celebrations on Christmas Eve (mom's side) and Christmas Day (dad's side).  Until this year, H's family has done other days, which worked splendidly.  H's mom got a different job so they're doing holidays on Christmas Eve and day and may do so in the future.  I know in theory we should switch off years, but my grandma and grandpa are much older than H's grandparents and I only see some of my cousins once a year on Christmas.  We also see H's extended family on Easter and over the summer. 

I've planned it this year knowing that we'll see all the grandparents, just not necessarily on the official days and miss some of his aunts and uncles.  How would you proceed for future years?
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Re: Holiday Sharing

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    With my family, we also have specific days but I can't always make them so I try to see them when I can. Like, my grandma and grandpa have their Christmas earlier in the month because they go to NC for the actual eve and day. If I can't make their party, I just see those people individually to give them their gifts. 
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    I'm usually a plan-as-I-go type person.  So if I were you, I'd just wing it... but that might not be much help :(

    Growing up we either were in ND or CA for Christmas, so if we were in Cali, we were just there with my mom's side of the family and that was it because we were usually there for like, two weeks.  If we stayed in ND, we always went to my grandparent's place (dad's side) for Christmas Eve, and then spent Christmas morning at our house opening gifts.  Relatives would then come to our house for the day usually.

    Now we're getting into the sharing - I'm lucky because Ben's family always has their Christmas after the actual Christmas.  They want all their kids and grandkids to be with both families during the holidays, so all the kids go to the in-laws for real Christmas, and then they do an entirely separate Christmas the following weekend.  Effin' Santa comes and everything.  It's fun.
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