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Well, it doesn't look good. Whisky had his ultrasound today. The vet said he has an ulcer, which he gave me medicine for, and one of two possible issues with his intestines. 1), IBD, which is some kind of irritable bowel issue. If that's what it is, then he would need steroids, but he can't take them unless the ulcer is treated, and even then it might make it worse.

2), and this is what they think it is, intestinal cancer. I'm taking him in for a biopsy Friday at 10:30 and they are going to do an endoscopic biopsy, which is the less invasive one (I might have the name backwards, but either way they won't have to cut him open). If it is cancer, then they think it is likely a certain kind that even with treatment, can't be fully cured and I wouldn't put him through that.

So for now I am going to keep feeding him the mushy food and give him the iulcer medicine, and see what the biopsy says. And now I have to go clean him up because he's still waking up and drooling all over the couch.
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