Snarky Brides

Good Morning!

How is everyone?

I am up early despite being woken up by our two of our neighbours having a domestic in the parking lot of our condo at 3 am was bad enough that I got out of bed, put on clothes (and then DH after me) to go outside and threaten to call the police (at the same time that another neighbour down the way did the same).  It settled after that but I was wide awake.

I am spending the day at a sports field because today my DH is playing in his championship rugby game...send me/him your vibes (not just to win, also to not get injured)...they are playing a team that they haven't ever beat so the odds are against them but you never know.  We leave at 9:30 and probably won't be home til past 7 or 8, so that will pretty much be my day (yay! - kinda - I had better remember to bring a book!).

How is Hurricane Irene treating people? It is lovely out today but I believe the forecast is calling for something as a result of it for tomorrow...

Have a great day ladies!
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