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Could really use some T & P

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned on SB yet, since I'm slow at catching up...

The Wallow Fire here in eastern Arizona is rapidly destroying some of the prettiest forests in the entire state. It is the second largest fire Arizona has ever had, and it's still growing and still uncontained. (The smoke can be seen across quite a few states east of us.) Several of the towns near us have been evacuated (the Red Cross evacuation center is in my neighborhood), and there have been a few homes lost. The winds have died down here, so we're really hoping that means some progress can be made fighting this terrifying fire.

Anyways, any throughts and prayers you have for the White Mountains are deeply appreciated.

Re: Could really use some T & P

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    I've heard about that, az :( Definitely in my T&P.

    There's been so much crazy shiit going on in our world that I usually fall asleep before I can finish praying.
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    Eek! We are flooding all over here. I'll pray that God sends our rain to you.

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    Definitely T &P.

    Hopefully the winds will die down and they can make progress on containment. It's extra frustrating because NM can't do anything to help until the fire crosses state lines and the southern part of the state is in danger of rolling blackouts if transmission lines in AZ burn down.
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    AZDancer, I was thinking about you this morning.  You know I've got a huge attachment to that area so my heart is breaking down here. 

    Stay safe up there and you may want to get your evac bag ready just in case. 
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    Wow, this is the first I've heard about the homes being lost. Thats awful. And I REALLY wish the news would stop showing all of the horses trying to run away.
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    This breaks my heart... Thoughts and prayers your way, be safe.
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