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Big Non-Knot Whine - Dental Estimate

Okay between flex spending, insurance, and VEBA funds, we can do this but today I was told I needed 10,325.00 in dental work. Including five, count 'em five crowns.

For the cost part, I did show the estimate to my mom's dental office, who happened to be open today and they said they could do the same work for.. $9,875.00 (and the clinic I went to is nicer).

I was further told the work would require 8 appointments, and that at least 1/4 of the work needs to be done urgently.

I suppose I should go get a second opinion. Honestly, I was braced for half that amount, but the 10K neighborhood is dreadful. DH wants me to go to the U of M dental school clinic, which I just cannot do. I can;t have students taking three times longer with my teeth I am just to anxiety ridden and pain sensitive for that. Eeek.

Now, I promise my next ten posts will be positive because I am starting to feel like the house whiner!!
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