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Any Christmas Dramas?

Did anyone have Christmas dramas or scrooges added into your joy?

I thought everything went really well, then got to listen to dad whine about how disappointed he was in the holiday. I guess we opened gifts too fast/not in the right order and that spoiled one of his surprises (a pencil holder in the shape of a tool belt) and Scott wasn't cheerful enough (he had worked 15 days straight and his only day off was Christmas) and I didn't aw our gifts from them enough (a leather recliner which was purchased 8 months ago and our floor which was done a month ago.) I guess I was incorrect in thinking that spending the last 3-8 months aw'ing those things on FB wasn't enough?

I did score some awesome sales at Target though :) 7 boxes of lights for $30, wohoo!

Re: Any Christmas Dramas?

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    I think FI is upset that I am returning some of his gifts. He got me some old lady, bright purple, plush pj's and a huge plush robe. I am already struggling to lose weight, I really dont want to wear a material that makes me look 2 sizes bigger. Plus they dont fit and look terrible on me. Maybe plush turns him on;)
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    We had Christmas Eve dinner at Tim's sister's house and his Dad didn't come because he kind of sucks at holidays. He didn't show up for Thanksgiving either. Whatever.
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    My grandmother started criticizing the way my father raised us right away. Apparently, when we were 7-8, we used to rip into presents, without taking time to look at the tag, and thank people BEFORE we opened them. Umm, what? She also criticized my hair when we walked in the door.

    The holidays are always pretty dramatic, because I don't really "fit" in with anyone in my family. So, I sat in the corner, with FI and drank my wine.

    The holiday was all around, kind of disappointing. Food wasn't great, company was just weird. I think we're all stressed, and worried too much about who got who what, instead of the fact that we were all together, so that kind of ruined it for me.
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    Oh yeah, and my vent on behalf of H.

    So bil is in town for..3 weeks I think before he goes back overseas. This is general happiness and his parents and sisters/husband are staying at sil's house for 2 weeks. H called Christmas Eve to talk with everyone and got the answering machine, no call back. He calls them again around 1pm (so presents would have been done, not eating dinner, etc) and was told "we're busy, we'll call you back."

    Yeah, no call back. This was our first Christmas in our house and he's been absolutely exausted and feeling neglected by his family (who he went WAY over budget on) :(  I feel like we need to redo it so that it doesn't bum him out for the rest of the year.
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    My bf's little sister is a very spoiled brat. I love her to death, though so it really just amuses me. The thing is, it upsets her mother and my bf. I kinda blame her mother, though, because there is never any follow through with the discipline threats. Anyway, it's none of my business, except that her attitude put everyone else in a dark mood for the rest of the day. Oh well, it all worked out just fine. By the end of the day everyone was too tired to care anymore lol.
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    Our awkward moment this Christmas was brought to us by my sister in law.  While she was describing the watch my brother got from his boss for Christmas she referred to it as "gay."  This is while she is sitting next to my gay uncle.  Needless to say it got really quiet and I had to shove some risotto in my mouth before I said something that would cause a scene.

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    Yeah. Our Christmas eve tradition has been driving out to my grandfather's church and getting these amazing pizza/stromboli things for dinner. No one expected my mom to show up this year, however she informed me (on Wednesday, after calling me a ten cent whore) that she was planning on going after she took my sister to her church. Well, she showed up Friday night at the church and proceded to argue with me in the parking lot (in the car, so it wasn't all Jerry Springer) about how we were being childish because we weren't coming to her house that night, (I have a two year old. Church was over at 8.30, it's an hour drive home) rather we were coming over the next day after changing around all of our plans. Finally, after my dinner was cold, and 3 minutes before the service was to start, she decided she wasn't coming in, and tells me she'll see me the next day. Ugh. Merry Freakin' Christmas.
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    My only drama is that my SIL apparently freaking out when she heard that I was making Christmas Dinner and because of it MIL made separate stuffing since mine was 'too fancy'...(I fry up the insides of the bird, with a ton of bacon, then add finely diced onion and celery, then add that to a bunch of cubed bread, add one finely diced green apple and some really isn't 'fancy' but apparently she likes bread with onion and nothing else). My other SIL doesn't eat most foods (she won't eat what she doesn't like). I grew up in a house where you eat what you are served but I guess that because this is 'their' dinner (I was just cooking it) that means they can be picky. It wasn't drama, just rubbed me the wrong way.

    We also found out that SILs husbands family will always have Christmas on the 25th and he always expects to attend that Christmas...too bad for the rest of us...we can do it a different day. I hate it that her husband's family is so stringent and they insist on doing Christmas on the same day rather than 'sharing'. Apparently SIL discussed it with her husband and his answer was that maybe they shouldn't go anywhere. Very mature!
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    No real drama this year, but some general creepiness from my aunt-in-laws' brother (who is pretty clueless when it comes to being around people in general). For the last year or so, anytime I see him, he tries to flirt with me and stares at me in a creepy way. He knows I'm getting married, and has even met my FI many times, but he just leers at me. It makes me really uncomfortable. Yeah, he's not invited to the wedding.
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    My sister was supposed to come from PA this morning with my nephews and BIL, she called last night just after we all finished dinner and cancelled. My mom was PISSED, they got in a big fight and my other sister, myself and my dad all tried to calm them both down and keep the peace. It was crazy drama. I'm happy for the quiet day at home with FI today instead of dealing with my mom snide remarks about sis and BIL all night, yay snow!

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    In Response to <a href="">Any Christmas Dramas?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Did anyone have Christmas dramas or scrooges added into your joy?
    Posted by katiewhompus[/QUOTE]

    Of all the days of the year for it to happen, my verizon fios internet and tv decided christmas day would be the day to stop working.  I called Verizon and they tell me they can have someone there to fix it on the 29th (wtf?!).  I'm sure it would be faster if I had their phone service since there are federal laws about time to repair on phone service, but not so much on the tv/internet side.

    I need the internet connection to work, so that was the largest issue, but no sunday football or bowl games was not a fun idea for me either.  I got pissed off and started taking the stuff apart on the side of my house.  I was able to isolate the problem down to this little battery backup unit that is designed to keep the phone working in the event of a power failure (even though I dont use the service for phone), but the output of the thing is 12 volts so you can't just run an extension cord over to get things back in operation.  I managed to rig up a big car battery that I had in the garage to power the damn thing and it looks like a batter that size will power it all the way until Wednesday when they come to fix things, or I can just recharge it if it gets too low.

    Other than that no family drama lol.

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