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A "Because I'm Bored and You Are Too and You Love Me" questionaire


Re: A "Because I'm Bored and You Are Too and You Love Me" questionaire

  • 1) Do you collect anything? I kind of collect shot glasses. I haven't really ever made an effort to get them for myself, but for a while there people kept getting them for me.

    I also recently started collecting vintage skeleton keys.

    2) What's your favorite flower? star gazer lillies and orange gerbera daisis

    3) What's your favorite candy? it changes all the time. there's very few types of candy I don't like.

    4) Are you obsessed with anything? right now, vintage things: keys, lamps, tables, chairs.

    5) Silver or Gold jewelry? white gold

    6) What jewelry do you wear my wedding ring, earrings that H got me and one earring that my grandparents got me (because my 4th hole closed up)
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    1) Do you collect anything? Not really. I'm wracking my brain, but I can't think of anything. I guess if I was trying to be funny I could say something like "venereal disease." But that's not really funny, and also not true.

    2) What's your favorite flower? I love lilies, but we never get them (because of the cats). I also like gerberas and tulips.

    3) What's your favorite candy? Anything that's not cinnamon flavored. I love real cinnamon but I hate "candy" cinnamon. Oh, I don't like black licorice either. But anything else: om nom nom.

    4) Are you obsessed with anything? Um. Running, I guess? Baking? Knee socks? (I almost always wear knee socks, because I get cold. They're usually argyle or striped. )

    5) Silver or Gold jewelry? Whichever.

    6) What jewelry do you wear I have a necklace that I always wear (a single pearl in a "cage", my grandma gave it to me) and my wedding band.

    7) Would you ever go to a crowded nude beach? Would you if it was really secluded and no one went there? Would you if it was in Europe? Yeah, sure. I walk around mostly naked a lot anyway, and I'm not particularly self-conscious about my body.

    8) Customer service peeps: Briefly tell me about an interesting customer, whether it be your favorite, least favorite, random, whatever. 
    I haven't been in customer service for years, but I used to work at a Starbucks that was near a few "half-way" houses and a needle-exchange. Once, a "regular" peed on the floor outside the bathroom and tried to convince us that it was lemonade, not urine. Another time, a drunk dude fell into the basket of bagged coffee we kept by the register, and promptly stuck his hand down the front of his pants. Ew.

    9) Do you smile when getting your picture taken? Is it different than your natural smile?
    I usuall smile--in fact, I always laugh a little so that my smile looks real. I always get creeped out by pictures of newscasters with fake smiles on billboards, so I am careful not to do the weird fake smile.

    10) Name a clothing item young girls wear that makes you freak out/roll your eyes. Super short skirts with uggs and a scarf in the winter time.  FFS, if it's the middle of winter, I think you can go for a few weeks without being practically naked.

    11) Now name one for young guys.
    Super-tight jeans. I can't help but stare at their crotch, and then I feel super creepy. Ew ew ew.

    12) Biggest financial splurge that wasn't financing a house or education or vehicle? We bought a small-ish couch called a "Cuddle Lounge" and I am sitting on it right now. It looks like this (but chocolate brown, not red):

    13) What's the dumbest foot-in-the-mouth moment you ever had? 
    At my last job, talking about a particularly difficult customer (read: raging bitch), thinking she had left, when she was in the next aisle and could hear everything. Luckily, she reported me to my H, who "disciplined me." Of course, he really sided with me, because he knew how impossible she was, but it was crazy awkward and embarrassing to realize that she had heard every comment.

    14) Do you and your hubby or FI leave the door open to pee (or worse) when the other one is present and can hear/see?
    No, and this bothers me. We were pretty open about stuff in my house when I was growing up, and I don't understand why it bothers my husband. I think he finds the whole thing humiliating, and he doesn't want to share it with anyone else. He'd rather suffer through the humiliation alone I guess.

    15) What national day do you wish we had that hasn't been created yet? (National pretzel day was this past week).
    Maybe some sort of technology or science day? That would be awesome.

    16) Have you ever called in sick to work for a non-serious, non-illness related reason? ( I almost called in sick to work so I could stay up and watch the Royal wedding).
    Probably, though I can't remember the last time I did it. But it was most likely just a "I can't deal with going to work/school" type of thing.

    17) Do you believe in your horoscope, or what is said about your "sign" in relation to your personality?
    No, not really. I'm kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to stuff like that.

    ETA (AGAIN):

    What nail polish do you have on? Nothing.

    What do you like on your hot dog? Mustard. Relish is good too. And chili.

    Have you ever been to NYC? Yes.

    Are gingers hot? What about girl gingers? Um. I guess my husband is a ginger? Well, he was when we first met (8th grade) but his hair has faded to a nice strawberry blond. (Well, at least on his head. His, er, body hair is still pretty bright. Ha!) I still always think of him as a redhead because that's how I first know him.  Girl gingers are fine, especially since it makes my husband happy to see other redheads.
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    Roxy, good questions!

    What nail polish do you have on? Some color or other of Shellac polish (it's a sheer sparkly pink with a pearly bluey turquoise...thing...) on my fingers, and Essie Well Red on my toes.

    What do you like on your hot dog? Mustard and sauerkraut

    Have you ever been to NYC? Yup, and my bus coming home was LATE! Grrr.

    Are gingers hot? What about girl gingers? Depends on the ginger. Usually I just hate them because I secretly want their hair. Ok, maybe not so secretly. So...yes?
    Wuppikins loves you!

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