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Snarky Brides

My FI is awesome because...

I'm sitting in class, obviously not paying attention.  It's the first week of classes, and I do not need someone to read every word of a ten page syllabus to me.  I am an adult.  I read.

Anyway, the girl in front of me is bitching about her FI not buying her nice enough presents.  Lately, I've been hearing lots of stuff like that IRL, and it makes me mad.

My FI is awesome, even though he doesn't buy me fancy presents.  He does little things to show he cares.  Sure, they aren't romantic, and some of them are kind of lame, but he does it because he loves me.

For instance, last night, he cleaned out the shower drain.  That's something I'm way too squeamish to do, even though half the hair in there is mine.  He didn't even whine about it.  This weekend, he changed my oil, put on new wipers and washed my car.

What's some of the little stuff your FI/H does to show he loves you?  The non-romantic stuff no one ever writes songs about?

"I wish I could have sparkly tits every single day of my life." --MUNI
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