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The "Broken Rule" Wedding (gasp!)

My FI and I are an older, but very modern couple, getting married for "not-the-first-time," and, for the record, have had a blast planning our union and sharing it with friends--largely because we ignored a lot of rules and did what worked well for us, our family and our friends.

As the wedding is just about 1 week away, I'm looking back on our journey and reflecting on all of the rules we broke.  Our apologies in advance to all of the proper brides and grooms we have offended with our brazen behavior:

1. We are having a second wedding and inviting all of our friends--including some who were at our prior weddings. (We aren't forcing them, they tell us they really want to come!)

2. We are having a small ceremony with family members, a few close friends, and inviting everyone else to the reception in the afternoon.  Leading to our next transgression...

3. We aren't feeding all of our wedding guests a meal.  The poor souls doomed to attendi the afternoon reception will be allowed to nourish themselves on only wedding cake, cookies, nuts, gourmet coffee and cocoa.

4. We registered for gifts even though we are having a second wedding. People got tired of guessing, we got tired of listing things off in emails, so we gave in to Williams-Sonoma.  Leading to our next transgression...

4. We listed where we were registered on the note card enclosed in our inviataion, which also contained parking and hotel information.  We, and our friends, are getting too old to guess at stuff like this.

5. We didn't use two envelopes with the invitations. Being tree-huggers, we didn't see the point of contributing to further deforestation for the sake of an event that is so small in the scope of the universe.

6. We didn't purchase or make favors for all of our guests.  Based upon the fact that I typically have no idea what these things are for, we elected to purchase small meaningful gifts for our wedding party and call it "good enough" when it came to our guests.

And now, for my final, huge confession: WE DIDN'T SELECT WEDDING COLORS.
I'm not sure if we just never got around to it, or couldn't decide, but our invitations were a lovely navy and siilver (it's a winter wedding) and the reception will be icy blue and dark brown.  These occured based upon what we liked and what was on sale at the moment.

I will now await for the Marriage Mafia to descend upon our new home and take my FI and me into custody.

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