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Lyme's Disease

So, I got to experience hurricane Irene during my bachelorette party and an earthquake just a few days prior and my poor FI has been diagnosed with Lyme's disease a few weeks before the big day. We have joked that this marriage is doomed.  : )

But in all seriousness, has anyone else had Lyme's disease before? I guess he was lucky enough that it was caught early on and is now on antibiotics. Though, the first doctor completely misdiagnosed him and wrote it off as nothing.

Just wondering if any of you ladies have experienced this before or have any uplifting words. I'm positive he'll be ok, but of course, this is a somewhatscary situation for both of us. I've been really self conscious of my body lately, looking for bites or any weird marks. I guess it's because we don't live in a particularly wooded area, so it seems weird that this even happened even though it's certainly plausible.
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