Snarky Brides

I'm feeling festy and lovey.

Hopefully TK won't break again and it'll work. Cause I think it's time for a love fest.

J&K: I kind of love watching you get all antsy about your wedding. As someone I've seen be voted as the scary one, I think it's cute when you get all crazy. Even though I already liked you a lot, I like you even more now that you're human (get it) =P

Mara+LTZ: I don't know how you guys hid your funny for so long, but holy crap. You guys kill me.

Shay: I looooove your sig pic. You're pretty gorgeous. And the not-light-sabre light sabres are awesome =D

Raynes: You're an awesome cook and a fabulous host, and you and your H were a blast to hang out with. I hope we get to do it again!

Nebb/Number/September: I wish we had gotten to spend more time together. You guys cracked me up. REPEAT AT THE END OF THE MONTH!

Now you go?
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