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XP BFF nervous about her wedding

One of my close friends is getting married a month before me. Last night she told me she's very stressed over getting married

But when she told me why I was shocked. I thought you ladies could help me with what to say to her. She told me when her & fi were dating a year ago he "cheated". (I say it with quotes because if was over fb and the girl lives several states away) now is it "cheating" or not I'm not really sure? I don't think porn is and that's over the internet. FI dated this women when he was in high-school many many moons ago. They did see each other a year or so before he met my friend. She's married with kids and again lives several states away. But the messages were very, um sexual. How they were so hot for each other and coudln't keep their hands off each other. And how he loves what they have now. (REMEMBER this was a year ago) well after this women's husband added my friend on FB she asked FI about it all then bf the truth came out. The next message he sent to the women was I hurt my gf and she did no wrong she's a good girl and doesn't deserve this and it hurt me seeing her cry. He also added in the message they need to stop this for now or maybe forever. And maybe somewhere down the road maybe connect again. He knew she wasn't ever going to leave her husband for him. Though she said she would time and time again.My friend and her bf at the time now FI have since made up.

I didn't know about any of this. He is a very loyal person no one would of thought he would do something like that. He has not since spoken to the girl. All is water under the bridge. He doesn't like to talk about it she said one because it was a year ago and two he feels horrible and would never do it again.

But now since her wedding is coming up and she had one failed marriage. She never wants it to happen again. He said divorce isn't an option and always wants to work everything out with her. He always tells her she's such a good girl and truly loves her and she does so much for him he's so grateful. She's really worried what if... what if this... what if that. What if he seeks her out again?!

He said he did it because he was lonely and drunk. She was working 2 jobs every day. He hasn't done anything since he has since asked her to marry him. Says he loves her everyday they do everything together they are going to be starting a business together. Say's she's the best thing he's ever had.

I don't want to say get over it. I know that's not something you just get over. Though it's been a year. But she can't keep saying what if either. I keep trying to shorten this. She really loves him. But I don't know what to say to her to help her.
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