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Fancy French Dinner Party. I need help please.

Hi everyone!

H and I have been invited to a dinner party. I'm gathering that it's supposed to be more of a formal dinner. Anyway, I would like to be polite and bring something, but I really have no idea what to bring. So, if you guys have any ideas, I would be most appreciative.  TIA!

Oh, I should note that I know absolutely nothing about wine.

One more side note. The dinner party is for the same friend we had the bbq at our house for a couple weeks ago (if you remember me stressing out about that) The bbq actually ended up going really well. We only had about 15-20 people show up initially (of the 90 that got invited) and when about 10 more people showed up, 10 of the first group were just leaving. So, we didn't get bombarded with random guests. Plus, his mom brought a ton of food and even cleaned up everything.
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